Our Services

  • Gravity Series

    Contract Administration

    GCC coordinates the development of all contract documents including project specifications, plans, owner/designer and owner/contractor agreements. We conduct bidding procedures, coordinate design and construction activities, and review project pay applications prior to the dispersement of funds.

  • Mountain Series

    Project Scheduling

    GCC establishes and maintains working cost and schedule controls for the project from concept through completion. We identify optimal utilization of all resources including labor, cash flow, material, equipment and time. We have the expertise to provide comprehensive and reliable project schedules. Our staff is trained extensively with Primavera, Suretrak, and Microsoft Project scheduling and project management systems.

  • Road Series

    Claims Analysis

    GCC evaluates construction claims which arise during the development of the project. We do not have design or construction interests of our own to protect, therefore, our only concerns are those of our clients.

  • City Series

    Value Assessment

    GCC explores the range of design/construction cost factors impacting different project alternatives. We identify and evaluate anticipated costs of construction as well as costs for maintaining improvements over a specific period of time. GCC also develops and implements strategies to operate your facility in a cost-effective manner.

  • Junior Series

    Site Supervision

    GCC maintains a solid presence on the project site to ensure that all activities comply with design and regulatory requirements.

  • Dirt / Street Series

    Cost Estimating

    GCC develops estimates of project costs during all phases of design and construction. Depending on the needs of the project, we can develop a project budget based upon the requirements of the facility or build the project around a pre-ordained budget.

    • Gravity Series

      Productivity Analysis

      GCC identifies and audits those aspects of performance which are critical in construction-oriented organizations, namely productivity, efficiency and profitability. We develop and implement modifications to optimize performance. Because labor is commonly the most costly resource, our efforts generally focus on ways to improve productivity.  

    • Mountain Series

      Zoning Analysis

      GCC assists when projects must be developed with consideration of applicable zoning and sign ordinances, deed restrictions, and other regulations which may apply.

    • Road Series

      Forensic and Litigation Support

      GCC provides thorough analysis, consultation, oral and written reports, and testimony on issues involving our areas of expertise.